It Was a Washout

We had 225 miles to get to our next campground and a storm was in the forecast. Looking at the weather radar showed a spectrum of orange and red color spanning across several states. We wanted to get out ahead of it. One stop for fuel, then we successfully bee-lined it to our campground ahead … Continue reading It Was a Washout

On The Road Again

That’s right, after days of preparation, we are once again towing our camper across the highways of this beautiful country. The direction is set but the final destination is yet to be determined. Along the way we hope to see more national parks, explore new places, meet interesting people, and experience all life has to … Continue reading On The Road Again

Today’s Lunch Spot

Nearly every morning, sometimes even before breakfast, Grammi can be seen making lunch. She relies on a handful of goto options like hummus wraps, pasta salad, or peanut butter and banana sandwiches and methodically places everything neatly into a handy insulated picnic backpack. No matter what adventure we have planned for that day, she makes … Continue reading Today’s Lunch Spot

Torreya State Park

We continued our trek to north Florida after a short overnight stay at O’Leno State Park. You can read about that stop in our previous blog post. We avoided the interstate highways and chose instead to travel the more scenic country roads. Though it takes a little longer, we do this when we can because … Continue reading Torreya State Park