Skidaway Island State Park

5 thoughts on “Skidaway Island State Park”

  1. Your site looks very nice! I like how it is a pull through yet faces the woods. I had not heard of Skidaway, so I appreciate this post. It sounds like there is so much to do there. A previous coworker of mine told me about Tybee Island. This coworker also vacationed in Pentwater, Michigan (like me) and said Tybee Island was similar. Even though you aren’t going as far as last year, you are still having some great adventures! How do you like your e-bikes?

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    1. We like our bikes, though I complain about having to load and unload them out of the camper. We have not come up with a good way to carry them. We don’t go on long rides. Mostly use them around the campground. I’ve been meaning to make a post about our bikes, but it just hasn’t happened yet.

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      1. Sometimes we bring our bikes, but sometimes not. It depends on where we are going, how long, etc. We are debating about Grand Tetons/Yellowstone but learning towards no. I look forward to all your posts!


      2. Oh, I would think you would take your bikes, especially for visiting Grand Tetons. There are so many paved trails around Jackson Hole, along the Snake River and through the park. It was the place that finally convinced us to get bikes.

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