Lake Havasu City

We had reservations for four nights in Las Vegas but our daughter said we should check out Lake Havasu City, Arizona. We’ve been to Las Vegas before. There really wasn’t anything in particular drawing us back and we were a little less than excited to go back during this time. Lake Havasu City seemed to … Continue reading Lake Havasu City

Devil’s Bridge, Arizona

Learning about a new area we’ve traveled to can sometimes be a challenge, especially when we only have a few days there. Normally, one of the first things we look for is the local visitor center. They are filled with brochures and maps to all the points-of-interest. Most of the time there is an information … Continue reading Devil’s Bridge, Arizona

Verde Valley

In central Arizona, lying between Mingus Mountain and the Mogollon Rim is Verde Valley. The Verde River runs through the valley providing a habitat for fish and wildlife as well as a crucial freshwater source for local residents. There are several towns located in the valley such as Jerome, Cottonwood, Sedona and others. It is … Continue reading Verde Valley

Catalina State Park

We’re at another state park. This time in Arizona. Unlike the previous state parks, this one is open for camping. Arizona has kept the state parks open during the pandemic deeming them an essential service. From what I’ve seen so far during my short time here is that Arizonians love this state parks. Because of … Continue reading Catalina State Park