The Loneliest Road to Great Basin National Park

4 thoughts on “The Loneliest Road to Great Basin National Park”

  1. Hard to believe there are so many parks in this nation. One could spend a lifetime just visiting all of them. What a road trip and I really enjoy the travel log. Great pictures with such blue sky’s.

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  2. Very interesting post. And it is a great idea for church to offer RV sites. Was it full hook up? I did not find the church site listed on campendium, so how did you find out about it? I also wonder how long was the hike you skipped? Even if you do regret it, maybe it really was a good idea to skip if it was too long. I look forward to reading about your future travels. Enjoy your day!

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    1. We use Campendium, AllStays and RV Parky when looking for campsites. We like to read the reviews from all the sites. We found Austin Baptist Church on AllStays. It was full hookups. We never saw anyone. Communication was done over the phone and there was a Dropbox for cash payment. The additional hike would’ve been one mile uphill climbing about 600’ then of course a mile back down. At over 10,000 feet of elevation it was a bit of a struggle climbing. Thanks for reading.

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      1. Thanks for your reply. The extra hike sounds like 2 hours to me; I usually think of 1 mile in the mountains as 1 hour. At the end of a hike, 2 hours is a lot to add on. The full hook ups at the church sounds like a sweet deal! Safe travels and enjoy your day!

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