Mount St. Helens

12 thoughts on “Mount St. Helens”

  1. I too have a love/hate relationship with the Google maps lady. (We call her Bossy Poots.) Maps has attempted to route us down some potentially dangerous roads. Fortunately, so far, we’ve managed to see the problem (low overpass, no trailers allowed, etc.) before the point of no return and get turned around.

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  2. What a fabulous post! I remember when Mt. St. Helen’s erupted – I was in college! But, should we visit, I will be sure to watch the Youtube documentary you mentioned – Minute by Minute.

    It is more of a mystery to me why stores are open but visitor’s centers are not as compared to the sometimes odd ways Google map takes you. Google is a computer with an imperfect algorithm. Decisions to open a store but not the visitor centers are made by human minds. Yes, human minds are far from perfect, but what could be the logic here?

    We’ve only stayed in one municipal park – but we did enjoy it. I will keep my eye out for more.

    Now about that Hoffstadt Creek Bridge. There are no cars on it?

    In any case, even with illogical decisions and clouds in the sky, you and Grammi sure are seeing some amazing country. I can only hope Dan and I make it to some of the places you are seeing. I look forward to your next post. Safe travels, and enjoy your adventures!

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    1. If Google’s algorithm is programmed to aggravate the driver then it is working well. Also, I think 370 Lakeside is a municipal park, at least it is one I thought of when writing this post. As far as the bridge photo, I’ll just say that a little well time patiences paid off. Thanks for your comments. They are appreciated. Have a happy day.

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  3. What a great trip. Loved the pictures. I can remember well when that volcano blew its top. Back in the 60s I flew over Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines in an F4. Looking down in that volcano you could see the red lava kicking up. Years later it destroyed Clark AFB.

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    1. Another very entertaining post with great pictures! I recall when Mt. St. Helen’s erupted. It made an impression. What was goolge doing, sending you down a narrow dirt road? The google lady did the same thing here in Denver, send cars down a one lane dirt road to the Denver Airport! It caused a lot of laughs for those not involved.

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    2. Bill – my uncle, who is in the Navy, was at Clark AFB right after Mt. Pinatubo caused all that destruction. I remember looking at the pictures he took and being amazed at the raw power of nature.

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      1. Julia, there were two of us flying over Pinatubo that morning. The plane behind us got so low that some of the lava splash came up and hit the radar dome and canopy requiring replacement. I filmed that flight over the volcano, but it was stolen in the development process. At that time Chuck Yeager was our squadron commander.

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      2. Wow! It is a shame you had the film stolen! As a kid, I was impressed with Cuck Yeager, but wondered why he spelled his last name wrong…my maiden name is Yager. 😀 The things you don’t realize when you are a kid.


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