North Cascades National Park

6 thoughts on “North Cascades National Park”

  1. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful! I can almost hear you and Grammi laughing at the Diablo Lake Overlook. The turquoise blue color of the lake water, the cascading waterfalls, and the look up the towering tree are just phenomenal. And that croissant! Oh, that croissant! Get me to Mazama! The bunnies are so cute, and even though that locomotive is the only show in town, it stands proud as can be. Yes, you can cross off this National Park – which I Googled to see exactly where it was. After being on the road so long, seeing such rugged beauty, so far from your known areas, all the travels and adventure, do you feel changed in some way? I would guess very much so, and I would also guess it may be something that eludes words. I feel awe just seeing your pictures and reading your posts. Looking forward to your next post as usual. Safe travels and Happy Adventures!


    1. Yes, I do believe our travels has changed us in ways I don’t fully understand. So it is difficult to express. I am amazed everyday by something new. It is eye opening. It is educational. It is thought provoking. Most of the time it is exciting. At times I see the world as an enormous place and other times it seems so small. The people we meet seem no different than those from home, yet sometimes I feel we are worlds apart. I guess time will tell how we’ve changed, or more accurately, how we continue to grow. Thanks for asking. I hope this answer your question.

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      1. Yes, it does answer my question. Thank you! I would think such travels would very much “change” a person, but I would think, as you say, time may provide additional insight. Safe travels!


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