Ready, Set, Go!

7 thoughts on “Ready, Set, Go!”

  1. All systems go! We are getting ready for some trips soon too, and it feels great. I looked at the list of things you did to get ready. We’ve never heard of flushing the water heater. We also don’t have a generator, but with regards to everything else I think we’re good. I was also curious about your ARE truck cap for the bikes. We do okay with how we do it, but should we ever change tow vehicles… Now, with regards to the gas. I know Dan would not like going 59. I would be fine with it though. I also feel safer going slower. So, you saved $14.10 for 234 miles. How many miles will you be traveling? 2000? If so, then the savings would be approximately $120, assuming you pay the same price per gallon. I also figured the time. I may have made a mistake, but I figured it should only take you between 18 and 19 minutes longer, not 25; although, it probably feels like an hour longer. 🙂 Since Dan does our driving, I leave it to him. He usually drives 65 but not above. Whatever speed you drive, I look forward to reading your posts! Safe travels!

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    1. Flushing the water heater depends on the type of water heater you have. A steel water heater with an anode rod should be flushed annually and the anode rod inspected. An aluminum tank has no anode rod. It needs flushed less often just to clear any debris that may have settled in the tank.

      We just recently installed the truck cap. So far I like it for carrying the bike securely in the truck. I will be talking about it more in the next post.

      I knew when I posted this there was probably a math mistake somewhere. Even after checking my work twice I must have made the same mistake both times. I found a time, distance, speed calculator online (I should of done that to start with) and see, of course, you are right. According to the the calculations the exact difference is 18 minutes and 35 seconds. Now I must decide to make a revision or leave my mistake as a reminder of my algebraic ineptitude.

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      1. We recently had the anode rod replaced, so that was taken care of by our dealer where we get it winterized/de-winterized. I doubt anyone but me is going to check your math. 🙂 I look forward to reading your posts as you get back out there!


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