What Is All The Hype About?

10 thoughts on “What Is All The Hype About?”

    1. Thank you. It was an experience that I enjoyed. I am not the shopping type, but my curiosity keep me engaged. I did not see any baby formula. I just imagined they would have it.

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  1. A Buc-ee’s opened a few miles from us in 2020. I’ve been once to buy t-shirts to give as Christmas gifts. I don’t think highly of the way the company treats truckers like trash so I don’t give them my business.

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  2. Our daughter in Austin introduced us to Buc-ee’s a few years ago. They are a fun stop, although we usually just drop our jaws in amazement at everything and don’t buy much. I have only recently heard about the beaver nuggets; next time we are in one, we’ll have to give them a try!

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    1. Grammi was good and didn’t buy much either. I expected to see her arms full. Yes, the beaver nuggets are an awesome snack. If you like Cracker Jacks you will love Buc-ee’s nuggets.


  3. We drove past a Buc-ee’s in Texas. Since they aren’t set up for big RVs, we didn’t stop. I have been curious about the Buc-ee balls advertised on billboards. I am happy to know what they are!

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  4. I first saw a Buc-ee’s when we went to Gulf Shores. I was like wow, look at all those gas pumps! Since then I’ve noticed the billboards, and one has been built in Fenton, MO which is about 30 miles from here. We haven’t been in one yet. This would not be Dan’s cup of tea. Dan enjoys many adventures, just not the ones that involve shopping. 🙂 The thought of taking the travel trailer through the gas pumps sounds harrowing. I would enjoy browsing in the store though. I need to stay away from the beaver nuggets though; I would like them too much! The park in Florida looks nice, and I look forward to reading about your soon to be camping and travel adventures. Safe travels!

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