Cliffside Amphitheater and Sandstone Falls

5 thoughts on “Cliffside Amphitheater and Sandstone Falls”

  1. You have encouraged me to some time return to the area. I have also been to the Pipestem Resort and stayed in the lodge at the bottom of the canyon. The play, the hike along the rim and seeing Sandstone Falls sound like wonderful activities – which I did not do years ago. I remember that movie, “October Sky”, too. We watched it when my son got interested in rockets. So cool Homer Hickam was there! Park rangers are an excellent resource to tap for ideas of things to do and see when visiting an area. Thanks for your post and encouraging me and others to seek out those places which are not the “big stars.” More happy adventures and safe travels to you and Grammi!


  2. I love your pictures of Sandstone Falls. I now want to go there. I’ve got to completely recover from this sprained ankle so I can go hiking again.


    1. We stayed at Little Beaver State Park. It was near the town of Beckley, We liked it and thought it to be a convenient place to explore New River NP from.


  3. Your next trip you should go to the logging town of Cass where Steam Trains still climb one of the tallest mountains. I road the train back in the early 60s with the governor of West Virginia to celebrate the railroad being turned over to the state. The state has much to offer and roads that are well kept secrets.


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