New River Gorge National Park and Preserve, West Virginia

10 thoughts on “New River Gorge National Park and Preserve, West Virginia”

  1. It is a beautiful area. I visited New River Gorge bridge years ago – before it was a national park. I’m not quite sure of the year – but maybe a good 30 years ago. If I recall correctly, we saw bungee jumpers that day. It was just a day – no special bridge day or anything. The only other thing I remember is perhaps a Visitor Center, and I know some trails down to the river. Your picture from Grand View is amazing. And I have to side with Grammi; I would definitely not climb across the bridge. It’s all I can do to ride as a passenger over a bridge. 🙂 Great post and pictures!


  2. There were two summers in a row that I went down there to go white-water rafting. It was one of the most exciting trips I’ve had. That water is crazy fun! We went with “Adventures on the Gorge.” I’m a water nut. That’s why I love Michigan, but if you want white-water rafting, West Virginia is a great place to be!


  3. Loved your post as it brought back many wonderful memories. I well remember the New River Gorge Bride from my days touring on a motorcycle. I also remember the ride down along the old route then across the tracks and back up on the other side. It is definitely a beautiful part of the country seldom seen by many people. Continue safe travels

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  4. West Virginia in many ways is a well kept secret. A great deal of history there provided one takes the time to visit. Having a guide who knows the history adds to the appreciation of what happed there. I lived in many parts of the state. Saw many steam locomotives hauling coal out of the mountains in my youth. Hidden in the trees are buildings such as miner hospitals, company stores, and homes of my family. Many of my family only saw the sun on Sunday because they worked in the mines from sun up to sun down, off only one day a week. They all had black lung from breathing the coal dust.

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    1. West Virginia is beautiful country. The people are exceptionally friendly. I’m sure you have many stories to tell and would be an excellent guide.


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