The Seeley-Swan Valley

8 thoughts on “The Seeley-Swan Valley”

  1. I love your writing. It is so vividly descriptive. I am glad you had the tire pressure monitoring system, it could have been a bad situation if you hadn’t realized the tire was going flat.

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  2. Always an adventure! The area sounds pristine and beautiful. I am glad you headed to town when the storm came through. And I am really glad no one was in the camper spot where the tree fell. I have to believe the game warden had a plan for those two orphaned bear cubs. When we bought our travel trailer, the service technician recommended we purchase a TPMS. He said, maybe not today, but down the road, it is a very good thing to have. I appreciate your reminder.

    Good advice to consider not if things go wrong, but rather when. This is true even when not traveling. The refrigerator will stop working at some point. And many other things as well.

    I noticed your map was filling up. Are you making plans for the yet to be covered states? Or are you simply basking in Grammi’s sincere and heartfelt compliment? Either way, enjoy your adventures and stay safe!

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    1. I am certainly basking. After all, it was a well deserved compliment. LOL. We have covered 38 states in our camper so far. We would like to get them all (not sure how we will get Hawaii, but I am working on it). Right now, we are at a crossroad. We’re trying to decide whether to go for Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota or head south for some National Parks we skipped over last year. We will figure it out in the next few days. As always, thanks for your comments. Have a safe and happy day.

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      1. Can you do both? Visit the northern areas and then head south? 🙂 I am sure you’ll make the best decision for you. We are headed to Michigan today, arriving tomorrow. I’ll keep a lookout for you. 🙂 Safe travels!

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