Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park

5 thoughts on “Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park”

  1. I’m not sure how we missed this park when we went to Montana. I guess we’ll have to go back! The “Classic Tour” sounds like my cup of tea but I’m pretty sure I’d have a hard time getting my hubby to go with me. Tell Grammi she did a great job on your hair!

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  2. The squeezing and crawling is what made this experience fun. I was a little sore with aching muscles the next morning but we are so glad we did it. Bozeman is only 50 miles from the caverns. I hope you get a chance to see it. Happy days and safe travels.

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  3. I have not heard of Lewis and Clark Caverns. But I am glad to know about it now. I admire you and Grammi for taking the more adventurous tour. I am not sure I’d want to squeeze and crawl, and Dan being 6’8″ may not like it either. However, I would say you likely got a far better tour of the cave!

    I have a cousin in Bozeman, so I am hoping to include that area when we visit Yellowstone next August. Perhaps we will include this cave, too. We have a gorgeous cave here in Missouri – Onondaga Cave run by the Missouri Parks. There are other commercial caves as well, but my favorite by far is the Onondaga. It is a much more nature-centered tour. I’d guess that was the kind of experience you had at Lewis and Clark Caverns. The $15 price sounds like a steal.

    Lastly, your haircut looks very nice. Grammi did a nice job. This may be cooler with the a/c in your vehicle..

    Safe travels. I am looking forward to reading about your next adventure!

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