Glacier National Park

4 thoughts on “Glacier National Park”

  1. We only spent one day at Glacier. I wish we’d had more time. We were staying in Kalispell so we entered the park from the west; it turned out that the eastern side of the park would have been more to our liking. However, we weren’t willing to make the drive all the way back around the park again just to spend another day there. (Road work and detours made our trip back to Kalispell far too exciting as it was. We wound up traveling on narrow gravel roads that made the GTTSR look like an interstate.) Montana is where I fell in love with huckleberries and all of the different colored rocks.


  2. I am tired tonight after a full day here in Michigan, but when I saw your post about Glacier National Park, I had to read it right away. It sounds like such a glorious place even if you didn’t get to go on the GTTSR. Avalanche Lake with its seven waterfalls looks amazing. I know some NP have shuttles, and I am surprised you didn’t mention any with Glacier or Yellowstone. Your pictures were outstanding, especially the one with the moose and the calf. I am so glad for you that you got to visit Glacier. And sharing the experience with family makes all the better. I really enjoyed reading your post. Safe travels!

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    1. Travel is tiring. We forget to slowdown to rest more than we should.

      As for shuttles, we did not use any nor did we look in to using any so I can’t speak too much on them. I don’t recall seeing any in Yellowstone. In Glacier they have the Red Bus Tours. They’ve been around for a long time. There were not many on the road yet because theGTTSR wasn’t open.

      I think shuttles are the future for all National Parks like in Zion. It’s sad but there are too many people for the available resources. Have a happy day and don’t forget to take a rest day once in a while.

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