Gateway Arch National Park & Other History Lessons

9 thoughts on “Gateway Arch National Park & Other History Lessons”

  1. Thanks for the tour! I enjoyed your photos and reading the history of the area. When we were there my husband took the tram to the top while I enjoyed wandering around the arch.


  2. What an interesting tour! I have been thinking of visiting St. Louis and St. Charles since I started reading Chambers on the Road. I love the photograph of the arch and the juxtaposition with the smokestack–it gives context to my perception.

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  3. What a wonderful post! Your photos of the St. Louis Arch are excellent, and the views of my home city, St. Louis, make me proud. Thank you for visiting St. Louis and St. Charles. You are welcome back anytime. Safe travels!

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      1. I will keep an eye out for it, but I do read everything you publish. 🙂 Thanks again for making St. Louis look beautiful. Dan and I need to visit the Arch grounds and the museum. We haven’t been there since it was renovated. Safe travels!


  4. I took a group of people to St. Louis one time as a tour bus driver. Only got as far as the bus drop off to the Arch. Great write up.

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