Grand Teton National Park

9 thoughts on “Grand Teton National Park”

  1. So many beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing. We drove through GTNP on our way from Yellowstone NP to Fort Collins, CO. I’m looking forward to going back some day for a longer visit.


  2. Grand Teton is on our list. We missed it last summer due to a scheduling mix up. Your photo of Jenny Lake is gorgeous. And Newt Gingrich!! Thanks for sharing your adventures.

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  3. Darn. Hit enter by mistake. Continuing.. at Colter Bay Village. We’ll try in February. We are not sure how many days. We have the 10 days in Yellowstone. Love the pictures of Signal Mountain, the pronghorn antelope, the historic Cunningham Cabin – all just beautiful! The Jenny Lake Overlook picture is stunning! The barn pictures are iconic, too, but the smoke saddens me. I’ve been advised there is a lot of good biking (on our ebikes) around Jackson but perhaps not in Yellowstone as much. I sure don’t want to be close up to a bison when on my ebike! Thanks for your post and sharing all the beauty of this national park. I can’t wait for us to be there. Safe travels and keep enjoying your adventures!


  4. As always, a very enjoyable post! Your pictures are gorgeous as usual. With exception of the bear and beaver pictures. However, the very fact that you got those pictures is amazing! Now, the 2 miles hike to Phelps lake – is that 2 miles one way? We are hoping to get reservations at C

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