Devil’s Tower and Spearfish Canyon

9 thoughts on “Devil’s Tower and Spearfish Canyon”

  1. I loved Devil’s Tower. Bruce was kind enough to detour so I could see it. I had wanted to see it since I was a child. It is always amazing when a place is better than expectations. Devil’s Tower was such a place for me.

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  2. As always a wonderful post! Your description of Devil’s Tower has put it on my bucket list. Honestly, it wasn’t on the must see before; it’s just a big rock, I thought. Now that big rock sounds very moving. And the Buffalo Jump is quite the event to try to imagine, but weren’t those Indians clever? I also enjoyed this post as we are planning our trip to Yellowstone/South Dakota for August of 2022. We are rearranging our route based on the Sturgis Rally which I just learned about a couple weeks ago. BTW, I am behind reading/writing blogs due to my son’s wedding and having such a fun and wonderful time. We’ll be back to reality soon, but as my daughter replied when I said that, “Reality? What are you talkin’ about? You’re retired!” Isn’t it great? 🙂 I’ll be checking to make sure I haven’t missed any of your fascinating posts. Safe travels, and enjoy your adventures!

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    1. Congratulations on your son’s wedding. Happy times for sure. I was wondering. Are you rearranging your route to join or avoid the Sturgis Rally? I hear it can be crazy. Good luck and have a happy day.

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      1. That would be some post from the Sturgis Rally! But, I am afraid, I will have to pass on it. Right now, we are planning to head that way after the rally. Would love to read a post by you about the rally! 🙂 Safe travels!


  3. Close Encounters of the Third Kind is one of my all-time favorite movies. I was so excited when I discovered we would be able to visit Devil’s Tower during our 2019 road trip. I made my husband pull over so I could take pictures as soon as it appeared on the horizon. Thanks for sharing. This post brought back so many memories!

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