Olympic National Park — Hurricane Ridge and Lake Crescent

4 thoughts on “Olympic National Park — Hurricane Ridge and Lake Crescent”

  1. Should we visit Olympic National Park we will be sure to hike to the top of Hurricane Ridge as well as to Sol Duc Falls. The pictures remind me of the movie, “Heidi.” Your post inspires me to keep walking as I sure don’t want to miss such beautiful hikes. I liked the contrasting pictures of High Tide and Low Tide, too. The area looks simply beautiful. I can almost feel breathing the clean, fresh air. Lastly, $12 per person for the soaks in the hot mineral water pools would be a bargain I wouldn’t pass up. The dinner out on the waterfront at Port Angeles sounds like a wonderful memory you will have for a very long time.
    As a side note, I need to update my method for keeping up with your posts. This is another one I missed! Most mornings, I check the WordPress reader and read the posts of those I follow – if I am interested. I would not pass up any of your posts! Later in the afternoon, I check again going down to the last post I read. I will have to check more carefully.
    Great post! Safe travels, and many more happy adventures!


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