The Olympic Peninsula — Dungeness Spit and a Lavender Farm

8 thoughts on “The Olympic Peninsula — Dungeness Spit and a Lavender Farm”

  1. Another wonderful area of the country that I never knew existed. We are living these beautiful places through your pictures and writing. Thanks again.


  2. Looks like such a beautiful area! During our recent trip to Dallas, my DIL pointed out a store that sells lavender ice cream. She said it was delicious. We put that on our list for next time. I am also wondering what Grammi is going to do with the lavender she cut. It looks beautiful in the basket. Continued Happy Adventures and Safe Travels! P.S. I think two of your pictures are missing?


    1. I admit the lavender ice cream was tempting, but we took a pass.

      Grammi tied her lavender clippings into a bundle and hung it in the camper. The fragrance continues to linger.

      I’m not sure about missing pictures. I’ve checked and asked my daughter to take a look too and we don’t see a problem at this end. I linked a YouTube video I uploaded near the end of the post. This is my first attempt at doing this. Maybe that’s it, but again it plays on my end. Hopefully if anyone else is having a problem seeing the pictures they will let me know.

      Thank you and have a happy day.


      1. I looked again, and this time the two pictures showed up! Maybe it was my connection. The two pictures that I didn’t see the first time were the horse trail and the spit. I’m glad I checked again. The horse trail looks pristine. What a lovely walk. And I can’t even see the lighthouse at the end of the spit. Looks like such a beautiful spot. A spot to get away from it all. 🙂
        I watched the YouTube video just fine. It certainly captured the feeling of where you were.
        I wasn’t tempted by the lavender ice cream until my DIL raved about it. I do love the scent of lavender. Perhaps we will come across a lavender farm on our travels. Happy Day, too!

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