Our RV Living Expenses For 2020

4 thoughts on “Our RV Living Expenses For 2020”

  1. Very interesting! I keep track of all our expenses as well. I haven’t organized quite like you did, but I have the data to do so if I wanted. I have sometimes reported how much a trip cost because, like you, I think the info could be helpful to others.

    Our average campground fees were 33 (2019), 30 (2020) and 43 for 2021 – as we have booked so far. We like the full hookups whenever possible. We also love COE campgrounds, especially those with full hookups. I also like your cost per day data. I’ve reported that as well, I think. I’ll include that figure more often going forward. Your entertainment expenses are low – likely due to covid, but also because, I think, you enjoy the free activities, such as hiking. We do, too.

    One comment – you didn’t include cell phone costs as you would have that anyway, but wouldn’t that be the same for food eaten at “home” in the camper? Lastly, you mentioned RV costs are likely to rise (probably, everything always goes up!), and you are taking that into consideration for the future – so what does that translate to? That could be an interesting post as well. In any case, we are careful with our money – because money gives you options and choices in the future. And we want to choose travel and adventure! Thanks for your post, and Safe and Happy Travels!

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    1. I had to laugh when I read your comment comparing the phone service to food because I had the exact same thought as I was writing that. I will probably have to reconsider and add the phone service back in.

      You are right about us enjoying activities that don’t cost a lot but COVID did affect entertainment opportunities.

      We also utilize COE campgrounds. Our senior pass gives us half price which we certainly like.

      As far as future cost of camping goes, other than the antidotal evidence from seeing higher campground fees, I have nothing more than a gut feeling there will be a significant increase. Just seeing the number of campers increase for one year to the next and our difficulty making reservations is enough to cause me concern.

      Thank you for your comments.

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