A Mundane Campground Life? You Be the Judge.

7 thoughts on “A Mundane Campground Life? You Be the Judge.”

  1. Glad you are both well and safe at the campground in TX. Hope when this is all over you’ll get to enjoy some more traveling and sightseeing. Grocery stores here in FL. Stay packed with some social distancing, as in some people do and others do not. Like the hummingbird feeder 🙂

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    1. Yes, they seem very tame and don’t understand the social distancing rule. If you’re not paying attention they will sneak up behind and scare you. Thanks for commenting.

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  2. Good morning, delighted to read you are enjoying your travels. Darlene and Bill brought me to their house 3weeks ago. The family felt it best since I was alone. Being alone I didn’t mind but with my medical history having to go into the public for needed thing was not wise. I remember you visited here last year so you know how beautiful it is. Not sure when I will get back home but for now I’ll just enjoy each day and be thankful everyone is well.

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  3. Good to hear that you are keeping safe in Taxes. I can recall being surprised by the camels as well when out there. I got my home made hair cut myself a few days ago. Like you I’m not much on visitations so the isolation has not really bothered me with the exception of not seeing the grandkids and family. My guess is once the door is open and people go back to work the Coronavirus cases will go up in numbers.

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