Pompeys Pillar and The Huntley Project

3 thoughts on “Pompeys Pillar and The Huntley Project”

  1. What a view where William Clark stood! I have never heard of either of these places either. However, I did read the book “Undaunted Courage” years ago. William Clark is buried at Bellefontaine Cemetery in north St. Louis. To me, it is amazing to think one is standing exactly in the same spot where William Clark – or whoever – stood so many years ago. I wonder how long it took him to carve his signature into the rock. Glad the trains didn’t keep you up. We heard them in the Eisenhower Presidential Museum pretty frequently. At first, we thought it was a storm which puzzled us as the day was beautiful when we were outside. But then, someone said, “it’s the trains.” I’ll be along as you continue your adventures; I really enjoy reading your posts! Safe travels!


  2. It had to be an interesting experience to stand where Lewis and Clark passed by on their historical trip. It was described to me that their adventures was looked upon like going to the moon and back at the direction of president Jefferson.


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