Yellowstone National Park — Part 1

5 thoughts on “Yellowstone National Park — Part 1”

  1. I love Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. Thank you for sharing the great pictures of the wild life. It brings back memories of our trips to Yellowstone!


  2. Your pictures brought back so many memories! We visited Yellowstone in 2019. We only had three days; I can’t wait to go back for a longer period. Baby bison get my vote for one of the cutest animals on the planet.


  3. When I see a post from you, I feel I have a treat in store. This post did not disappoint. I did not know why Yellowstone was named “Yellowstone.” I do now! I am also in awe of all its beauty and the vastness of the park. You have conveyed those two aspects very well.

    The picture of the Upper Falls is perhaps my favorite; although, each photo looks as if it should have a gold ribbon award on it. The paint pots are very interesting to me – as all of it is. Can I hope for Steamboat Geyser to erupt when we are there in August 2022? Of course, the lunch spot picture is a keeper. What thoughts would one have in such a spot? “How lucky we are!”, I would guess.

    I will be rereading this post when our turn get closer. Thank you for writing it. It is odd to me that all of the Visitor Centers are closed, but the other areas are open. Oh well. You made the best of it, and the best is pretty amazing. I am glad you and Grammi got a spot to camp, and I look forward to your next post. Enjoy wherever you are now, and safe travels!


    1. The bison calves are too cute. We loved stopping to watch them interacted with their mothers. You could see the love as she kept the calf close by. Have a great day and a happy fourth.

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