Ten Safety Tips for Getting Outdoors During COVID-19

6 thoughts on “Ten Safety Tips for Getting Outdoors During COVID-19”

  1. I totally agree that getting outside during this pandemic – and for that matter – anytime – is a wonderful way to add enjoyment, peace, health and so much more to our daily lives. Your tips are great reminders of how to do this safely. I will pass on #5 and #10 though, but for some, and some in some areas, these are good, too. We carry disinfectant wipes in our car, so we can use them anytime we are out. Thanks for the reminder about the “one tank trips.” I now resolve that we will plan some of these one tank trips over the next several months. Thanks for your post!

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    1. Oh yes, we also carry disinfectant wipes for cleaning surfaces as recommended in the CDC guidelines, and we carry a big bottle of hand sanitizer and two smaller bottles we attach to a belt loops. I should’ve mentioned that in my post. I realize #10 isn’t for everyone but I can think of a few times it would’ve been great to have this summer. We now carry a 5 gallon bucket toilet in the truck just in case. Thanks for reading.

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