Sky Valley, Georgia

4 thoughts on “Sky Valley, Georgia”

  1. Another wonderful trip with family! The area looks so beautiful. The log cabin looks like it should be in a Hallmark movie. Rustic but charming and comfortable. I would love to see Tallulah Gorge as well as many of the other places you showed. I would want to hike. Last summer, I bought a jar of honey while we were in Michigan. There is a farmer’s market twice a week, and one of the vendors is a family farm where they raise their own bees. I bought it thinking I would use it in a recipe – which I haven’t done yet. Your post reminds me to get going on that! I do enjoy some shopping and browsing antique malls; although, I have to balance it out with the ever present feelings like we have too much stuff. Especially in our basement! I’m sorry you got sick but thank heavens, it wasn’t Covid. As LindaLou said, you’ve given me some more items to add to our bucket list. Thanks for another very enjoyable post to read! God bless you and your family, too.

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