Hunkered Down

5 thoughts on “Hunkered Down”

  1. Thanks for posting. Nice to read of your adventure and love the sunset pics. Here in Ocala things have slowed down but still a lot of people not social distancing when out. Aunt Marlyne is with Darlene at Lake Lure enjoying the sunsets there.
    Stay well and enjoy this quiet time in our lives….it will be back to the h hustle and bustle before we know it. Enjoy the pause.

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  2. Love that you guys are getting exercise and going on daily walks to keep you busy! Stay healthy and this shall pass, hopefully sooner than later and you guys will be off on your next adventure. Love you!

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  3. It is good hear that you are doing well. We are hunkered down as well here in Lutz. Traffic is a little lighter, but Home Depot and Lowe’s must be giving stuff away based on the parking lot. I saw in the newspaper today that based on the Florida statue people over 60 are considered elderly. I’m not sure that is a good thing, but perhaps we might be getting something free from the government. Maybe a face masks or toilet paper. There is a dark cloud that is hanging over our country right now for sure. It seem NY is getting hit the hardest. The funeral homes have a different time keeping up with death rate. And at the confusion of everyone China has reopened the market that created this mess.

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