The Yard Crawl

Grammi and I have been talking about going to Washington D.C. for the last few weeks. It’s been years since the last time we where there and I remember feeling like we rushed through the Smithsonian Museums and National Monuments. I’ve always wanted to go back and take more time.  However now isn’t a good … Continue reading The Yard Crawl


Grammi and I are sitting at a small round table under a large covered patio. A glass of dark porter sitting in front of me. We just ordered dinner from a menu offering vegan dining. A great sounding band is playing a mixture of contemporary rock and a bit of country. The sun is setting … Continue reading Cooperstown

Niagara Falls

Day One It’s another travel day. I think I’ve developed a routine and might be getting a little faster disconnecting everything and packing up. We drove through some beautiful wine country with rolling vineyards as far as you could see. We’re staying at Four Mile Creek Campground. It’s a State Park about a thirty minute … Continue reading Niagara Falls

Traveling Through Ohio

The night before leaving Cumberland Falls, grammi and I perused through maps and clicked on websites looking for another adventure. “What about Niagara Falls?” grammi said with a slight upward inflection in her voice. Hmmmm…I wasn’t planning on going that far north but if she’s thinking about it…maybe. We have never been there and it … Continue reading Traveling Through Ohio


“What time is it?” grammi asked. “It’s almost midnight,” I said without hesitation. “Do you see anything? “ No, not yet,” I replied. Although gathered on a small platform below, I could see the silhouettes of dozens of people. From the overlooks above, was an occasional flash of light from a camera or cell phone … Continue reading Moonbow

Fall Creek Falls

We have been looking forward to these next few days since before we left on this adventure. We are going to Fall Creek Falls State Park in Tennessee to meet up with our daughter Amber and her family. They are on a two week camping vacation and asked us to join them for a few … Continue reading Fall Creek Falls