Old Memories

After considering our options, we chose our next campground for its proximity to Cincinnati. Indian Lakes is another Thousand Trails campground in southeastern Indiana less than a hours drive to the area where I grew up. It’s an opportunity to see the old neighborhood and visit family. We arrived at the campground by mid-afternoon. We … Continue reading Old Memories


Our quest for adventure has no clear path. We try not to look too far ahead. You might say we are flying by the seat of our pants. So far…no worries. We like finding bargain camping where we can. We have stayed in state and national forest where we get senior discounts and, of course, … Continue reading Spelunking

Natchez Trace

In the early years of our country, frontier boatmen floated flat boats down the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers with cargo to markets in Natchez and New Orleans. They would sell everything, including the logs that made the boats, and then return to the Ohio valley on foot. The path they took northward was a well … Continue reading Natchez Trace