“No Service”

The day after dropping Ivy off was a moving day. It was a little more than a two hour drive to our next campsite. We’re at site 23 in the Bear Lake campground in the Blackwater State Forest on a ridge overlooking the lake. There is a large oak tree for shade. The gravel site … Continue reading “No Service”

A Last Minute Surprise

We were making preparations to leave our mooch-docking spot at our daughter’s. I had the camper hooked up to the truck and was making the final walk-around before pulling away when grammi came out with her eyes welled up. “What’s the matter?” I asked. “I’m about to cry” she replied. “Why are you going to … Continue reading A Last Minute Surprise

The Birthday Party

After days of preparation we stood there in our driveway in front of the camper and stared at each other. “Is that It?”, I asked grammi. “Are we ready to go?” “I think so”, she replied. We pulled away wondering what we may have forgotten. We weren’t too far down the road before we started … Continue reading The Birthday Party

Maiden Voyage

It’s been a few years since we’ve been camping. However, stuck way in the far reaches of the attic were storage totes with all our old camping gear. We found some things we could use and started the task of organizing and loading the new camper. Grammi loaded the inside with dishes and utensils. She … Continue reading Maiden Voyage