Fredericksburg, Texas and the Willow City Loop

7 thoughts on “Fredericksburg, Texas and the Willow City Loop”

  1. The flower are beautiful. You’re seeing a part of Texas that I might be interested in seeing if we are ever allowed to leave and travel again. Today the roads were busy here and I guess people are getting out again. Walmart and both Home Depot and Lowe’s seem to be most popular today with parking lots filled to the max. Masks are being worn by about half the customers. I saw masks that looked like they had not been changed in a month and people didn’t even have them over their nose. I would say they were worn more for looks than effectiveness.


  2. I’m so in awe of you guys and the experience you’ve had in Texas. My Dad would be so happy to hear about your Texas adventure. I visited Fredericksburg with Dad on one of my visits and I told myself I’d go back one day. I’m still hoping to do that. I’m enjoying your stories and so happy for you guys that you have this unexpected opportunity to enjoy Texas and each other. What a lovely silhouette photo to celebrate your Anniversary. Happy Anniversary! xoxoxo


    1. I’ve thought about your dad while here in Texas and wondered where he may of roamed. I know he spent many years here. It’s a big state but I never thought it would take us so long to pass through it. Glad you enjoy the blog.


  3. I love the photos of the wildflowers, so beautiful! Glad you guys got to explore and finally get some pizza! Also, that picture of you and mom is AMAZING!!!!!!!! You are both very blessed to have each other 🙂

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